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Whether you are a domestic or multinational firm, you can rely on our considerable expertise advising on international tax issues and developing scalable, industry-specific solutions to help you minimize your tax burden and avoid tax risks.

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Our objectives are straightforward. Forming long-lasting relationships with our clients and be entrusted with your most complex challenges in the areas where we practice. 

We make sure you are well-advised on all tax issues relevant to your business, investors, and other stakeholders.

How do we get there?

Our business structure allows our team members to truly focus on our clients needs without the complexity of our larger multinational competitors.

Scribes acts in a robust international network of likewise minded law firms who share our values and standards. 

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We are involved in the transactional environment and provide guidance on a day-to-day basis, during M&A deals, and implementation phase of transactions.

Operating internationally and domestically, we deliver high-quality and flexible support.

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Gunar Gijsbrechts

Gunar Gijsbrechts

Partner - Scribes Tax Lawyers

We understand that the cornerstones for success are ongoing innovation, access to capital, and obtaining regulatory approval.

Having a trusted adviser who is always at the ready to share solid advice and answers makes all the difference in the development and success of your Life Sciences business.


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Combining an understanding of Life Sciences with a solution-oriented approach adds opportunity to every phase of development.

Our corporate income tax lawyers have extensive expertise advising our clients on international tax, conducting due diligence investigations, advising on M&A procedures, designing management incentives, applying for R&D tax benefits, and resolving withholding tax issues.

Additionally, we work closely with transfer pricing specialists and subsidy consultants.

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