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Successfully integrating scientific technology into the life science market is a multi-step process that requires close collaboration between science and business at each level of development.

Are you interested in commercializing research and growing your business?

We can help.


Where do you want to be?

Reaching goals is all about strategy, making use of tailored approaches, and being realistic.

The usually expected outcome? More leads, more business for your Life Sciences Scale-up.

That doesnt happen overnight though. 

How do we get there?

We bridge Marketing and Business Development. That’s our way of saying that we create an end-to-end process that attracts prospects with the best that marketing has to offer and close deals thanks to experienced BD insight.

What do we need? 

That depends on you. Our favored approach includes a delicate balance between generating meaningful content for long-term growth and webinars for short-term leads.

But, feel free to select any solution you want help with.

Nick Veringmeier

Nick Veringmeier

Founder - JPP

Do what you love. For us, that’s designing winning Life Sciences BD & Marketing Strategies. For you, it’s bringing live-savaing therapies or best-in-class solutions to market.


Let’s find out how we can make that happen.

Plan a meeting

Good conversations don’t just happen by chance.

Something we made

We love that question. What if.. Sometimes companies say that whatever they do is in their genes. Well. We took that quite literally.

What if cells actually did Marketing? Wouldn’t that be fun?

We hope you like it! Because we loved making it.

What kind of ‘What if..’ do you want next?


Shortly? We are the boutique Life Sciences Marketing agency that focuses exclusively on pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device scale-ups. 

We suppport scale-ups by providing winning strategies and tactical support to attract business. We offer the means to contact your clients through authentic marketing and realize commercial growth.

Business Development

An inhouse Business Developer, on-demand support, or strategic advice? All possible.

Training & Coaching

We love teaching and we’re good at BD.  A formula for authentic learning. 

Content Writing

We write Life Sciences content to get you ranked on Google. We translate science into stories.

Marketing Campaigns

Discover how you can generate leads in 3 months by focusing on a niche.

Digital Development

Covid-19 really pushed us to transform. Now let us help you to perform better online.

Social Media

Grow your audience by posting daily and engaging with your followers.

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