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Looking for a partner for all your HR questions contact HR Expert Bureau; The HR agency for Life Sciences and Healthcare.

We have been active in HR for Life Sciences for over twelve years. Do you want to engage and retain employees? All from the perspective of good employer ship?

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Where do you want to be?

Attracting new colleagues, drafting job profiles, establishing a salary house, or developing and retaining talent takes up a lot of your valuable time and distracts you from achieving innovation, growth, and results.

Whether it concerns a financial injection, search for knowledge, continuing research, or business development, each phase also entails an HR issue you need to address. We believe that in each phase every organization needs a good HR Policy to become an irresistible employer.

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How do we get there?

Through personal attention and carefully listening to the needs of clients, we analyze which HR support is necessary.

From there, we set up a customized proposal, complete with timetables and tools to get you on track for sustainable success.

What do we need for that?

Our HR Expert team combines knowledge off salary houses, performance management, job descriptions, labour law questions, (personal) development and growth.

We always work together with your management team and involve your employees. As a result, our services such as (on the job) coaching and team development are always directly applicable.

Sanne QuinT

Sanne QuinT

Founder - HR Expert Bureau

Today, the Life Sciences industry is more dynamic than ever.

Innovations follow each other at a rapid pace and  although the influence of technology, research and digitization cannot be ignored, human talent will always remain the central success factor.


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Good conversations don’t just happen by change.


Our partnerships always start with a thorough meeting with a dedicated HR Expert to get to know your needs.

With our wide range of services, our large network and knowledge of the market, HR Expert Bureau is your ideal HR partner for all your HR issues.

HR Projects

We offer a creative and fresh perspective combined with expert knowledge across HR.

This includes measuring employee engagement, people development, in company learning programs, HR Tooling, benchmarking your salary house, job description and many more.

HR Support

Outsource all your HR activities to us so you can focus on your business. HR advice when you need it – the ideal solution for small and growing companies.

Services include support with recruitment, onboarding, contracts, tools, learning and development, sustainable employability and many more Hr subjects!

Training & Job Craften

Training for all your managers/team leads to make sure that important HR topics are on the agenda and everybody knows how to motivate the team.

We offer 1 on 1 job craft sessions, but also team job craft sessions to retain employees instead of losing them in a competitive labour market.

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