How To Onboard The Right People: Interview Skills

Use a sound approach to interview your  Life Sciences candidates in 2022 to build a stronger business!

Within Derks & Derks, we have many years of experience with the Recruitment process. We opt for a personal approach: really looking and listening to candidates and employers is and remains the key to the success of the right match. 

How do we apply this strategy in an interview? That’s exactly what we’ll dive into during our free webinar, ‘Onboarding The Right People: Interview Techniques.’

Shoot any question you have at us in advance and we’ll include it in the webinar.

​​​​​​​See you there?

During the webinar we’ll focus on:

  • Derks & Derks Introduction
  • Freshen up: the Basics of interviewing
  • Interview techniques
  • STAR Methodology