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Companies in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry are constantly looking for partners who ensure that their company has the building blocks of a healthy company. A specialist who efficiently manages financial accounting and reporting or provides direction concerning tax incentives. A trusted party that helps attract, develop and retain employees and young talents. An expert who implements a winning sales strategy and develops authentic digital marketing campaigns.

Or maybe all of these things come into play.

What do you need to grow?

What complicates the hunt is that partners often don’t have the right background. Ideally, the right partner has in-house knowledge of processes within the biopharmaceutical industry and adds value to your collaboration. Unfortunately, many know that this is not as easy as it seems.

The ‘Business Solutions for Life Sciences’ platform – the name says it all – has a solution for this.

The Right People

Finding the right people is essential to building any business. In Life Sciences companies you probably already realised that it can be a tedious task to onboard the right staff.  

Authentic Marketing

If you’re scaling up, you’ll need exposure. And lot’s of it. Whether you’d like to focus on stealing the show at conferences or online marketing with an inbound content stategy, we’ve got your back.

Tax Advice

From start until exit, you’ll benefit from having a partner that proactively advises you, from incentives to your overall tax position and allows you to truly focus on growth without a doubt.

A Solid BD Strategy

Good business developers are hard to find in the Life Sciences industry. However, with the right strategy, coaching, and several hours of inhouse support, we can have you up and running in no time.

Efficient Accounting

A steady cash flow is pivotal for most biotech scale-ups. Make sure your invoices are paid in time and your accounting system is audit ready at any time. 

Legal Services

During the a company’s development, there’s ample chance that you’ll need legal advice. Whether it’s about funding, acquisition, a buy and build strategy, or an exit, you need specific expertise. We cover all of it through our international network. 

Get 360°

In addition to finding a partner quickly, there is also an opportunity for Life Sciences scale-ups to bring in an expert from the Business Solutions for Life Sciences’ to look at current business processes.

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